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Kirtan Devotional Singing

Did you know Sikhs wake up before daylight for devotional singing and sometimes sing hymns all night long, from sundown to sunrise? Sikhism has a tradition of kirtan, or singing hymns of praise, which began with Guru Nanak and his companion Mardana. Find out all about the Sikh musical tradition of Kirtan here with CDs, DVDs and booklets which feature exquisite hymns of Gurbani, and lessons on how to play kirtan.
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All About Kirtan
Kirtan is considered by Sikhs to be the highest form of adoration and praise. Shabads or hymns are at the heart of the Sikh worship service. Songs or bhajans are selected from Sikh scripture whose compositions are poetic and written to be sung in to music. No ceremony, event, or occasion is complete without the hymns of kirtan being sung.

Night so Beautiful! Gallery of All Night Worship
Devotees sing hymns of praise all night long, from sunset until sunrise, during a a Sikh worship service.

Bhajans Shabads and Hymns For all Occasions
Are you looking for just the right hymn or prayer to express joyful celebration on special occasions? Find selected hymns appropriate for various life events, such as weddings, or the birth of a child. Are you searching for hymns which invoke divine healing? Are you looking for Sikh hymns and prayers appropriate for a funeral or to help you...

What is the Significance of Raag in Gurbani?
Did you know that hymns of the Sikh scripture are written in Indian music system of classical raag? What is raag? How many ragas have been used in Gurbani? What is the significance of raag which appear in Guru Granth Sahib? Find out here.

Indian Harmonium Resources
Harmoniums used to perform kirtan are an integral part of the gurdwara worship service. Did you know there are many different types of harmoniums? Find out here where to purchase standard and deluxe harmoniums.

Tabla Drum Resource
Tabla used to perform kirtan are an integral part of the gurdwara worship service. Did you know there are many different types of tabla drums? Find out here tabla styles and where to purchase.

Kartal Resources
Did you know that the Kartal is a kind of hand held wooden jingle percussion instrument popular Sikhs? Find resources here for the various styles of cymbals and where to purchase.

Traditional String Instruments
Did you know that kirtan was traditionally performed on string instruments in the ancient court of the Guru? Find resources here for traditional musical instruments such as the Dilruba, Esraj, Rabab Rebab, Rebek, Sarangi, Sarod, Sitar, Tanpuara, Taus.

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