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Night So Beautiful! A Gallery of All Night Worship in Song

All Night Kirtan Program


"Rain Sabaee" literally means night so beautiful. The devotees of the Guru Granth, the Sikh scripture, gather to sing kirtan, the divine hymns of Gurbani, which are taken from the sacred text. During the rain sabaee, the sangat or worshipers continuously sing devotional hymns from an Amrit Kirtan hymnal which contains selections from scripture. The worship service begins at sundown and continues until daybreak. Rain sabaee is held on gurpurab or commemorative occasions, celebrations, and festivities.
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Rain Sabaaee KirtanA Night So Beautiful!Sacred Text of Gurbani Sacred Text of Gurbani Amritvela, the Hours Approaching DaybreakAmritvela, the Hours Approaching DaybreakSingh with GuitarSingh with Guitar
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Harmonium and Microphones Harmonium and Microphones
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