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Reader Reviews : Have You Visited a Historic Gurdwara or Sikh Shrine?

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Historic gurdwaras and Sikh shrines are important to our Sikh heritage. Many people who are unable to visit, or are planning a visit, would love to hear about your trip. Have you visited a historic gurdwara or Sikh shrine? Please share your story and pictures.

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Handi Sahib Danapur

There are 7 gurdwaras in Patna Sahib, Patna City, and Danapur. I had to travel 1122km from my town. I enjoyed visiting Patna Sahib and Handi Sahib. I reccommend you visit. They were easy to get to. T…More

Darbar Harmandar Sahib Holiest of Sikh Shrines

Darbar Harmandar Sahib is described as the "holiest" of Sikh shrines. People from all walks of life come to pay respects to this awesome place. No one is barred from entry, as long as due respect is …More

Oak Creek Sikh Temple

I am doing research for my school paper against Hate Crimes. I am just sick that hate crimes still exist. And I am so sorry it does. I just can't get over how America still lets this happen.…More

Sacred Healing Waters of Gurdwara Baoli Sahib, Punchkula, Haryana, India

SSA, A historic place visited by 1st and 10th Guru... NOW IN RUINS -----GURUDWARA SHRI BAOLI SAHIB is situated in the Panchkula City, State Haryana, India. This GURUDWARA SAHIB is situated on the bac…More

My Trip to Nankana Sahib Pakistan

Very interesting from a historical perspective. Well maintained with many side gurdwaras commemorating important historical sites. Population was very friendly and helpful and for the most respectful…More

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