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Reader Stories: What Do You Enjoy Most About the Nagar Kirtan Parade?

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Many Sikh holidays are celebrated with a Nagar Kirtan parade. Some of the most popular parades include Vaisakhi Day parade, Hola Mohalla martial arts parade, Guru Gaddi inaugural parade, and Pooran Mashi parade celebrating the birth of Guru Nanak.

Have You attended a Sikh Parade? What Is your favorite aspect of Nagar Kirtan? Do you take an active part, and march with the parade, or are you an observer? Have you help to decorate a float, ridden, or performed kirtan, on a float, driven a truck or tractor pulling a float? Have you helped prepare or served langar? Have you eaten your way from one end of the parade to the other, unable to resist sampling the delicious free food offered all along the parade route? Have you been a vendor at a bazaar? Do you enjoy shopping for hard to find religious and cultural items? Did you meet friends at the parade? What did you enjoy the most? What do you recommend for other Nagar Kirtan visitors?

What does Nagar Kirtan mean to you? Please share your experiences with our readers (and photos if you have them)

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What is your favorite Nagar Kirtan parade? Did you participate or observe? Have you helped with food or floats?
Did you go alone, with family, friends, or as apart of a group? What was your method of transportation and parking?

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What do you recommend for other Nagar Kirtan attendees? Would you go again? What might you do differently next time.

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