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Juvenile Literature is Not Just For Kids

Journey With the Guru's Volume Three Cover Art

While reading Volume 3 of the series, Journey with The Gurus, during the chapter A Constant Presence, a deep sense of peace crept over me, and all my recent stress just melted away. The guru's message reached out from the pages, seeping from the parables recounted and permeated my heart. I can very truthfully say that these stories are not just for kids, there is something for everyone who takes the time to sit down, open the pages, and journey with the gurus.

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"Journey with the Gurus" (Volume Three) Retold by Inni Kaur: Review

Enjoy reading Volume 3 of "Journey with the Gurus" told by Inni Kaur in the richly illustrated story about the introduction of Ik Onkar by Guru Nanak.

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