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Sangat - Companions




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In Sikhism, sangat generally refers to companions or the collective body of Sikhs who are the members of a congregation.

Sangat may also mean fellowship, the gathering of spiritual companions in an assembly with associates of like minded souls, essentially the company one keeps.

Sangat can also refer to a meeting place such as the gurdwara, the Sikhs place of worship, to hear divine hymns of kirtan sung, and gur ka langar, the guru's dining facility, or other spiritual setting etc.

Sadh Sangat - religious companions
Sat Sangat - righteous companions

Pronunciation: sung get - sod sung get - sot sung get

"Mil sangat man naam vasaaee ||
Joining the holy congregation, the Name comes to dwell in the mind." SGGS||95

"Sadhsangat man nirmal hoo-aa ||
With religious companions, the the mind becomes immaculate." SGGS||51

"Poorae gur tae satsangat oopjai sehjae sacc subhaae ||5||
From the perfect Guru, the righteous companions emanate, and one easily merges into the Love of the True One." SGGS||427

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