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Sat - Truth



"Satnam Ji"

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Sat is a word which means actual, true, truth, righteousness, faith, fidelity, and essence of spirit. Sat is the first word (following the symbol Ik Onkar) which appears in Sikhism's holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. In Sikhism, Sat represents the entity truth as descriptive of the divine. The concept of the ability of Sat to perpetually assert truth is at the core of the Sikh religion.

The word Sat is included in greetings between Sikhs:

  • "Sat Naam" - True Name or Truth Identified (often spelled Satnam).
  • "Sat Siri Akal" - Truth is Supreme and Undying
These may also be used in reference to prayer, meditation, or rousing the spirit.

Sat is also the name of Gurmukhi numeral seven.

Pronunciation: Sat sounds similar to sot, clipped so that the a in sat sounds the u in cut.

"Ik onkar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbho nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhan gur prasaad ||
One creator whose identity is truth whose being is personified in creation who is without fear or hatred whose undying image is beyond birth who is self existent and who is realized by the Enlightener’s grace." SGGS||1

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