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How to Deep Fry Poori (Crispy Indian Flatbread) Illustrated Recipe


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Crispy Poori Illustrated Recipe (Deep Fried Indian Flatbread)
Crispy Poori (Deep Fried Indian Flat Bread)

Crispy Poori (Deep Fried Indian Flat Bread)

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Deep Fry Crispy Poori (Indian Flatbread)

Poori is a popular variation of Indian flatbread which has been deep fried until crispy. Poori is often served with Chole, a kind of chickpea curry made from large white garbanzo beans. Poori and Chole are favorite food combination served on special occasions. Poori and Chole were the favorite food of Guru Gobind Singh as a child and are always a welcome addition to Gur ka Langar, a sacred meal served with every Sikh worship service. Anyone who helps to prepare langar follows certain guidelines and is required to cover the hair with a turban, or scarf, and encouraged to engage in meditation with the tongue and mind, while busy with the hands.

To prepare one dozen Poori:

  • Mix one cup water with two cups atta flour.
  • Roll dough into rounds and deep fry.

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