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GoSikh Turbans: Review

Online Turban Shop

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Closeup of a GoSikh.com Turquoise Turban

Closeup of a GoSikh.com Turquoise Turban

Photo © [Jasleen Kaur]

The Bottom Line

GoSikh.com is an online turban shop which offers a rainbow of turban cloth woven exclusively for turban wear:

  • 100% Cotton Voile - lightweight open weave.
  • Rubia - high thread count medium weight.
  • F 74 - high quality lightweight.
  • Silk.
Turban cloth is measured by the meter (39"). The average adult turban is five meters in length and one meter in width (39"). Turbans are also available in .75 meter width (28").

GoSikh Turban Colors

Turbans are offered in prints and solid colors with several shades available in each category:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Greys
  • Greens
  • Dark Blues
  • Light blues
  • Browns & Tans
  • Pinks & Reds
  • Maroons
  • Purples
  • Yellows
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Prints

GoSikh High Quality Turban

Go Sikh Turban

Go Sikh Turban

Photo © [S Khalsa]

Turbans are required wear for devout Sikhs and are imported from India. For about a year I tried to buy a turban without success, visiting various shops an hour or more from my home which told me come back next week, for months on end. I asked friends for advice who told me we get them from our relatives in India or when we ourselves visit India. Meanwhile I kept searching for a black turban despairing that I might actually become a "raghead" before I could find one to purchase.

Miraculously I found GoSikh.com. online. The owner Guri (Gurinder) Singh explained that he noticed fellow Sikh "brothers and sisters" at Gurdwara badly in need of new turbans, so he began importing turban cloth and offering turbans for sale online. I contacted Guri Singh and explained that I felt a little nervous as I had never before made an online purchase. He put me at ease and kindly offered me the option of sending him a check in the mail. I had my new turban with in a week and delightedly discovered it to be high quality lightweight fabric which had the kind of stretch necessary for tying a turban with ease.

I had the opportunity to order turbans directly from India when a close friend made a trip to Amritsar. At last I had my own relative in India, I thought. Elatedly I ordered turban cloth in three colors. However wearing the Go Sikh.com turban had spoiled me for when my order came the quality and color disappointed me. It took weeks to arrive and cost me about the same as my GoSikh.com Turban. Desperate friends bought most of what I had, overjoyed to be getting any turban at all.

GoSikh Seva

I purchased my next turban from GoSikh.com using the PayPal option. It arrived in days. Though their site claims to make a profit, the service it provides is true seva. Guri Singh turned out to be a true brother offering a quality item at a competitive price, with reasonable and reliable shipping.

But that is just the beginning of Gosikh.com seva. During the Haiti Earthquake disaster Guri Singh held a fundraiser and donated all the proceeds from four days worth of sales to Earthquake victims. When Guri heard about an Austin Texas Gurdwara entangled in zoning issues, and facing possible demolition, he organized a similar Turban sale benefit.

Visit the GoSikh.com Website and you will discover for yourself just how committed Guru Singh is to seva and providing turbans and accessories, chunnis (ladies turban scarf), patkas (youth square scarf with tie), karas (steel religious bracelet), and other necessary items to fellow Sikhs.

GoSikh Turban Ordering Information

GoSikh Turban in Wrapper

GoSikh Turban in Wrapper

Photo © [S Khalsa]

GoSikh.com offers turban cloth by the meter with a PayPal option. While certain specialty turbans are precut and available only in five meters lengths, purchasers may have the option to order the length of standard turbans according to personal preference suitable for both Kaur and Singh, whether child or adult. The turban arrives folded and wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

Cost of turban cloth per meter:

  • Sale price - $2.25
  • Voile - $2.90
  • Rubia - $2.90 - $ 3.20
  • F 74 - $3.30
  • Print - $3.00
  • Silky print - $6.00
  • 100% Silk - $7.50.

GoSikh.com turbans are hand packed in bio-degradable envelopes or boxes and shipped from the Bay Area of Northern California, USA.

Shipping and Handling:

  • USA - USPS Priority Mail.
  • International Orders - minimum $10 USD.

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