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Sikh Baby Names Beginning With N

Spiritual Name Meanings in Sikhism


Noor - Bright Splendourous Light

Noor - Bright Splendourous Light

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Choosing a Sikh Name

Like most Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with N listed here have spiritual meanings. In Sikhism, some names may be taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib, while others may be traditional Punjabi names. English spelling of spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same.

Spiritual names starting with N may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are appropriate for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Sikh Names Beginning With N

Nahar - Early morning (Amritvela)
Nanak - Family lineage
Nanakdev - Of God's family
Nanaki - Woman of a good family
Nar - Male
Naar - Female
Narain - Holy one
Naranjan - Supreme being of pure light
Narayan - Holy one
Narinder - Man of God of heaven
Nath - Lord, God, a yogi (one in union with God)
Narinderpal - Protector of a man of the God of heaven
Navdeep - Freshly lit lamp
Naveen - Innovative, ever original and fresh
Navjeet - Newly victorious
Navjot - Ever bright light
Navneet - Original one
Navreet - Fresh ritual
Navtej - Fresh grandeur
Neet - Original, ethical
Nehchal - Immovable
Nek - Good, noble, virtuous
Neknam - Good conduct
Nihal - Abundant delight
Nimraati - Half night (Amritvela)
Nir - Without
Niranjan - Without passion, supreme being
Nirbaou - Without fear
Nirmal - Without flaw, immaculate pure
Nirmaljot - Immaculate pure light
Nirmail - Without stain
Nirmol - Without price, priceless, invaluable
Nirbhai - Without fear
Nirvir - Without animosity
Nivarn, Niwarn - Dispeller
Nishan, Nisan, Nissan - Insignia, banner, flag
Noor - Bright splendorous light

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Glossary of Sikh Baby Names and Spiritual Names

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Selecting a Spiritual Name

How are spiritual names selected in Sikhism for babies and adults?

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