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Journey With the Gurus (Vol 1) by Inni Kaur Illustrated by Pardeep Singh: Review

Guru Nanak Storybook Illustrated by Pardeep Singh

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Journey With the Gurus Cover Art

Journey With the Gurus Cover Art

Photo © [Courtesy Inni Kaur and Pardeep Singh]
Guru Nanak And Bebe Nanaki in

Guru Nanak And Bebe Nanaki in "Journey With The Gurus"

Photo © [Courtesy Inni Kaur and Pardeep Singh]
Guru Nanak Talking With Yogis

Guru Nanak Talking With Yogis

Photo © [Courtesy Inni Kaur and Pardeep Singh]

The Bottom Line

Open Journey With the Gurus (Volume One) and step into the world of Guru Nanak with Inni Kaur's charming narrative to guide you and Pardeep Singh's illuminating illustrations to light your way. Embossed satin pages framed with golden etching transport you into a sublime portal featuring brother Nanak and sister Nanaki. This timeless tale told through children's voices, challenges ritual and inspires serenity. Nanak and Nanaki mature into adulthood gently probing the boundaries of the divine. Their unique relationship with integrity ultimately sparks an ongoing quest for truth prompting Guru Nanak's travels into light.

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  • A Straightforward timeline untangles the obscurities of conflicting historical accounts.
  • Colorful portrayals beautifully illustrate a charming presentation of characters.
  • Everyday English brings to life the traditions of an ancient culture.
  • A detailed three page glossary explains unfamiliar foreign words.
  • Discussion Points promote thought provoking family dialogue.


  • Narrative liberally embellishes fact with fancy.
  • Random illustrations without captions leave the casual browser guessing.
  • Whimsical imagery is occasionally more detailed than historical incidences referred to in passing.
  • Discussion Points address adults rather than readers and at times assumes prior or extra knowledge.
  • Suggested extracurricular activity is geared towards advanced literacy skill and research ability.


  • Journey With the Gurus (Volume 1)
  • Retold by Inni Kaur Dhingra
  • Illustrated by Pardeep Singh Edited by Manjyot Kaur
  • Copyright 2010, Published by Sikh Education & Cultural Foundation, Inc. 30 Osborne Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06855 USA
  • Hardcover, 172 glossy pages (includes 20 introductory and author pages etc.) 60 full color illustrations including cover.
  • Juvenile Fables, Folklore, Literature includes three page glossary with English explanation of Punjabi words used in stories.
  • List Price $28.95 USD (S&H included for limited time in US + $11 Canada + $22 International each on orders under six books).
  • ISBN: 978-0-9812412
  • Book Designed by Spectrum Marketing Communication Inc. Printed and bound in China on recycled paper with soy based inks.
  • Listen to Chapter One read by Inni Kaur in an online video with illustrations from the story.

Guide Review - Journey With the Gurus (Vol 1) by Inni Kaur Illustrated by Pardeep Singh: Review

I found opening Journeys With the Guru's (Volume 1) a bit like opening a box filled with rich and tempting, tasty sweets, enticing to look upon, delightful to ingest, compelling to consume. Removing the padded envelope and peeling off the protective plastic wrapper, I lingered over tantalizing illustrations savoring them one by one. My little granddaughter sat on my lap pointing out birds and flowers while I attempted to communicate the corresponding stories of Nanak and Nanaki in language a toddler could understand. But without captions to guide me, the sheer volume of images and accompanying text overwhelmed my efforts. Reluctance coupled with anticipation, my eyes turned from devouring Pardeep Singh’s delectable renderings to digesting Inni Kaur’s succulent tale of Guru Nanak and his sister Bebe Nanaki.

From toddler to grandparent our family members of every age warmed to this book's beautifully wrought artistry. Inni Kaur's style of storytelling engages the imagination and takes it on a journey to 15th century Punjab. The upbringing of Nanak and Nanaki is woven into a fanciful tapestry intertwining the detailing of common era tradition with an everyday folklore approach to history, effortlessly bringing to life and showcasing episodes obscured by the passage of centuries. Displaying the curiosity inherent in all children, Nanak and Nanaki quiz their parents relentlessly, while their developing young minds precociously ponder the validity of ritual.

Inni Kaur prods the intellect provoking a personal quest in the reader to investigate more deeply with questions and suggestions that she outlines in her Discussion Point following each chapter. Though referenced in a way which assumes that a parent or teacher is on hand to guide a child or student, the result inflames a thirst which can only be quenched in furthering the search ignited.

Author Inni Kaur resides in Fairfield, Connecticut where she teaches at the Guru Gobind Singh Academy of Norwalk and serves as the Justice of Peace. Inni Kaur, a published poet, is a contributor to Sikhchik.com and is on the editorial board of Nishan magazine, a board member of Kaur Foundation, MBSK Foundation, and Namaskaar Foundation and the Advisory Board of Sikh Research Institute. She takes an active role in the Sikh community, teaching youth camps and giving presentations to local police departments and schools including the Connecticut State Board of Education. Inni Kaur, a native of Kuwait, traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Greece before settling in the USA in 1982. She is Vice President of the advertising and marketing communications firm, Spectrum Communications of Connecticut.

Illustrator Pardeep Singh of Chandigarh, India has been involved in art since childhood. He excels in 3D modeling and Flash character animation and is a digital artist with a Masters degree in Fine Arts.

Editor Manjyot Kaur, a Manhattan conservation librarian is a columnist and Assistant Editor of Sikhchic.com an online magazine.

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