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Events and Location of Guru Nanak's Birth

Nankana Quick Facts


Water Buffalo Roaming the Streets of Nankana

Water Buffalo Roaming the Streets of Modern Day Nankana

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Events of Guru Nanak's Birth

Guru Nanak was born April 14, 1469 A.D.

Daulatan, a midwife, delivered the infant Nanak from his mother Tripta Devi. His father, Kalyan Chand Das Bedi, belonged to the Hindu Katri clan. He worked as the chief accountant of his village, and went by the common name of Mehta Kalu. Nanak’s parents called him after his elder sister Nanaki. Hardyal, a Hindu priest and astrologer, cast Nanak's horoscope.

Guru Nanak's Birthplace

The Birthplace of Guru Nanak is Nankana, a town in Pakistan, which belonged to the northern part of Punjab before partition. The town originally had been called Raipur. Before Nanak's birth the name had changed to Talwandi. After he became guru, the village became known as Nankana.

Modern day Nankana is predominantly Muslim. It is a small town which has only a couple of main avenues, yet it is home to several Sikh gurdwaras. Each one commemorates the location of an event which took place during Guru Nanak’s life.

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