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Sikh Gurdwara Langar Kitchen and Dining Hall Illustrated

Nurturing Body and Soul in the Guru's Free Kitchen


Langar is a traditional concept which includes cooking, serving, and eating together in a communal kitchen and dining hall. Every Sikh gurdwara has a Langar facility for feeding and nourishing both the body and soul of sangat, the gurdwara congregation.

The voluntary contributions and donations of sangat supply all equipment, other provisions, and food necessary for providing sustenance to the body.

Seva, the preparation and distribution of food, and all clean up done, is voluntarily performed by sangat. Seva, selfless service, and the practice of sitting side by side with out regard to cast, color, creed, or rank, in a common dining area both serve to nourish the soul cleansing it from the effects of ego.

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Dhal Boiling on the Gas Burners in the Langar KitchenSikh Women Prepare Atta and Boil Dhal for Langaratta langar rotiSikh Woman Mixing Atta for RotiSikh Youth Making Roti for Gurdwara LangarSikh Youth Help Prepare Roti for LangarDeep Fry Sarbloh KaraheeCookware in the Langar Kitchen
Chopped Onions Langar PreparationsLangar UtensilsLangar UtensilsLangar SevadarLangar SevadarLangar Sign UpLangar Sign Up
Langar Utensil StorageLangar Storage RacksLangar Tea SevaLangar Tea SevaLangar ServiceLangar SevadarsLangar SinghLangar Line-up
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