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Readers Respond: 1984 Delhi Massacre Memorial - Did You or Someone You Know Lose Loved Ones?

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October 31 and November 1 mark the anniversary of the 1984 Delhi Anti-Sikh Riots and Massacre. No one has ever been held accountable for the deaths of thousands of innocent Sikhs slaughtered in the backlash following the assassination of Indira Gandhi after she ordered troupes and tanks to storm the Golden Temple complex in June of 1984. Just as Halloween and All Saints Day is observed remembering Christian Martyrs, Sikhs gather on these dates for memorial services commemorating innocent victims of the 1984 Delhi Massacre. This space is dedicated to their memory. Please share names and stories of loved ones lost here.

Simple Remeberance

—Guest p bhalkikar

A tale I've heard of..

It was before the time I was born when my uncle was living in Delhi and when he saw that in this genocide all his friends were brutally killed by all those congress people he took his entire family to Punjab with his pregnant wife. This is as hard for him that he was unable to visit Delhi again.
—Guest A kid


This is on behalf the people who died young and old by the hands of cowards, "Let me say for the record, I am not a gangster and never have been. I'm not the thief who grabs your purse. I'm not the guy who jacks your car. I'm not down with the people who steal and hurt others. We are just brother's who fight back." That is a message to the 200 cowardly kitten Hindus who ganged up on one lone lion Sikh. Rest in peace to my brother and sisters and elders that lost their lives meet you in the crossroads.
—Guest wert

not exactly

Because I grew up in a Eastern European Jewish family and my parents family came to America to escape the Holocaust, I grew up hearing about all the horrors they had to endure. I know it is not exactly the same but genocide is till genocide. So I say to Jews and Sikhs alike. " We will never forget "
—Guest yellowkarma

About Your Article

Sukhmandir, I really enjoyed reading this many of your recommendations can be beneficial to all not just Sikhs. It is too bad more people are too afraid to learn more about what they don't understand so they can relate to those sharing this world with them.
—Guest Amanda Moore


I have written and written and written about this until I am all written out. I am just listing the dead of our group in Delhi that day, birth and death days and relationship to me. Without the exception of the two preborn children, all were/are Khalsa: SHAHEED BERTRAM K. SINGH, brother (1931-1984) SHAHEED BALBIR SINGH, cousin (1971-1984) SHAHEED EDUARD P. SINGH, brother (1937-1984) SHAHEED MANDEEP SINGH KHALSA, husband (1942-1984) SHAHEED MOHAN SINGH, cousin (1950-1984) SHAHEED SANDEEP SINGH, son (1971-1984) and our two daughters who died unborn, BABY KAUR ONE BABY KAUR TWO I am publishing a special post in my blog The Road To Khalistan on 31 October. http://roadtokhalistan.blogspot.com/

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